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Quarantine Cleaning | The Dungeon

The Rona is running rampant. I'm not even going to get into it because... y'all know. At least, I hope you do. I hope you're truly washing your hands at that they're as ashy as mine are as I type this. I hope that you're remaining informed as this circumstance evolves with every second that passes. I hope you understand the implications for yourselves, your loved ones and your community -- now and in the future. But again... I won't get into it. Because I hope you're getting your information from and doing research on formal, qualified sources, which... ain't this blog. More like the CDC, NIH, etc. (Nope, not even just any old newspaper.)

Anywho, with the future flirting heavily with the unknown, I decided to take time (because I still do have things I could be doing... a blessing) for a momentous task: tidying the Dungeon. I mentioned the Dungeon a bit in my last post. My old clients know it well, but if you've never solicited my service or you're new, all you've probably seen is 'the Studio' at the artist collective. The Dungeon came first. Syreeta C | Fashion was born here. It's name came from the fact that its a basement (my parents' basement, like any good artist/entrepreneur). That fact is one of the top 5 reasons I decided to depart from it as a primary workspace. I like natural light (even though I'm a night owl) and natural light helps me do my work better (literally... seeing the colors). I fell in love with Studio 22 because one wall is virtually all window-- great light beams in and the sunset view is loveeee.

In the time since I've transitioned, the Dungeon has gotten little love. It became a dumping ground for supplies that I didn't immediately need access to. The Studio is smaller, plus I try to keep it a certain level of photogenic. Being a basement, it was easy to throw stuff in, click the light off, and shut the door. "I'll deal with it later."

But now I'm threatened... we're all threatened. Not knowing if Maryland will go on lockdown soon, I decided it was a good time to straighten up and dust off the place that may allow me to keep my sanity if I get shut in. (I can skip some of the social stuff, but my cabin fever comes when I don't have space to stretch and explore.)

So I ventured down the stairs, click the light on... and sighed. It was bad. Real bad. A true state of neglect. This is the before video. Disclaimer: I had pulled some stuff off of the rack prior to stopping to video but... not that much. Lol.

"Start in one corner and work your way around." I could hear my father's voice in my head. So that's what I did. I also vacuumed a lot (my dream brick & mortar studio will not be carpeted).

Clothes are the most important, obviously, so I began with those + the racks. Items that were strewn on the couch were hung and hung items were re-organized.

Next came fabric. Straightening piles, re-folding, re-organizing.

A lot of de-constructed samples were unearthed, along with swatches. I made haphazard piles to fine-tune later. The only pile that wouldn't need that was the trash. No second-guessing there.

Over the course of 3 half-days, it came together. And my brain came to grasp just how much MF-ing fabric I own. Geez. But like... good stuff. Interesting stuff. If we do get shut down, I hope to be able to really bring some concepts I've been sitting on to life with this stuff.

I've also been known to hold onto sizable scraps. And I'll try not to make a terrible pun about how they're for ____ day, but... I'd like to join the initiative to make fabric masks if I can get my paws on some elastic. The stuff is sold out almost everywhere it's accessible since we're mostly relegated to online shopping, but I hope that means my fellow sewing community is producing for those in need.

I have to also take the time to shout-out Joanna for sparking this undertaking! I'm so happy I did it.

And to all -- stay safe, STAY HOME (if you can help it), and stay mindful of yourself and each other. Sage your space if you need to!


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