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Syreeta C | Fashion is the brand -- the OG, if you will.

Founded with the notion "fashion should always SPEAK SANS SPEECH!"

Syreeta C | Fashion is an edgy, yet sophisticated brand that specializes in couturier services. It was created to tell the story of the modern woman - bringing a renewed tailored attention to the expression of each distinctive wearer.


Self­ expression drives my custom design production. Take the metaphor: the wearer as the messenger and fashion as the medium, for we all have a story to be told. Fashion tells an individual's unique story ­ where you're from, where you're going, your culture, your ideals... who you are. It has the ability to break barriers ­ language and otherwise ­and communicate more accurately than the most colorful of words. I love being the translator for my custom clientele.

The main brand website is under redesign right now, but you can keep up here or holla on social media!

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