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Kiyah’s Custom Bridal Party

You’ve met Kiyah before — a couple times over. I’ve created a custom engagement look for her (+ a matching tie for the beau), did creative alterations on her wedding gown, and crafted a custom bridal shower look for her. the moral of the story is: Kiyah is great!

But the story doesn’t stop there because there’s another chapter: I did her entire bridal party custom as well!

Each of her bridesmaids had their own design made from the same berry colored neoprene with varying accents such as the same lace as Kiyah’s engagement look (the commitment to the colors was real). Her MOH received a pink look that also matched the MOB’s double faced pink and purple gown.

It was such a fun time working with all of these ladies and it seems the day itself was just the same. Check out Kiyah’s wedding video below:


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