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Pretty In Pink

Meet Kiyah, although it's technically not her first introduction on SCF media. She first came in for custom for her engagement photoshoot look. (We'll have to do a #ThrowbackThursday blog post with that feature!) And, coincidentally, it won't be the last chapter of her story either. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled for the rest of her narrative, but its safe to say Kiyah is part of the Syreeta C | MUSE family!

This particular blog post covers her bridal shower. Although the theme was "Diamonds & Pearls," many a client will attest to me support them standing out if they're the guest of honor. Additionally, Kiyah had already established a connection with shades of pink + lace by then.

I know I said I'd save this for other posts, but here's a spoiler: her engagement look incorporated a berry colored lace and her next post also features a similar shade.

Before continuing the story, we'll add a twist: Kiyah was a #CovidBride and not only had to delay her ceremony a year, but also delayed her bridal shower. So all of this good stuff... oh, it's happening AFTER her actual wedding. Yes, you read that right!

“The process is not linear” is a line I repeat so often, I lose count. Even the successful commissions have speed bumps along the way. Not only was there that interesting re-ordering of events, but this look itself rerouted itself a time or 2.

First, we began this commission prior to the knowledge of COVID19 and this led us to our fabric sourcing and first fitting before needing to place everything on hold. This did work favorably in the sense that the fabric was reserved and there were no worries about restarting the search or refining the materials. However, we did edit the design since over a year has passed in between.

What began as a fitted, potentially short-sleeve dress with a back cut-out and flounce hem found a new rendering. We sliced a shoulder off + smoothed out the hem at Kiyah's request... yet weren't sure quite what to do with the arm. After another fitting and a few sleeve sketches, we settled into a dramatic balloon sleeve -- leaving it unlined to let the lace shine.

Speaking of shine, this garment featured 2 types of lace: cotton lace + Alençon lace. The latter was layered on to the garment and applied by hand to highlight the shoulder and top of the sleeve. This was intended to accentuate the one-shoulder design and keep the focal point near Kiyah's face.

Once we got over the public health hitches and design decisions, the build went relatively smooth.

That is... until... a speed bump at the end… the very end.

When Kiyah came to try on for pick-up, the zipper split. This is a seamstresses worst nightmare. (I'm certain I said a bad word. 😅)

It had zero to do with fit or tension, it wasn’t even the lace getting caught… just a good ol' angsty invisible zipper. It happens but it's never a welcome experience. Imagine being fully finished with a project and then magically not finished. And not only are you not finished, but you must rip further into the piece to remove the damaged portions and replace them. I cannot say that I was thrilled but luckily, I had a clear evening and a replacement zipper on hand (I do not always have a color match!) so the universe was on our side. I will count those blessings and appreciate the fact that I have grown to be relatively comfortable in chaos.

The zipper was ripped out and replaced... and a matching mask was also born somewhere in the midst of this story.

This dress does not look like what is been through! And moreover, Kiyah herself makes it look even better!

Stay tuned for more Kiyah features. They're on the way!


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