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This Artistic Teen Hand-Painted (and Sewed!) Her Own Stunning Graduation Dress

Nothing about my high school graduation dress code would have allowed this, but even if it did, I don’t think I would have had this type of vision back then. (Plus, painting has never been my artistic forte.)

Coincidentally, she graduated with a focus in STEM and I was a science and tech “major” myself in high school. She mentions wanting to marry science and the arts for her future career. You can see the overlap in her design planning mock-ups. I’m excited to see where life takes her! (Shout-out to her mom for supporting her.) My engineering background definitely come in handy with gown builds!

Creating a gown is no small feat, even if you know how to sew. Gan, however, had little knowledge of garment construction prior to making this dress. “I learned it all from Youtube tutorials!” To start, Gan and her mom bought 13 yards of fabric, crinoline, boning, and Swarovski crystals. They sewed one skirt panel at a time, and when the dress was complete, Gan spent five days painting the flowers. From start to finish, the project took about a month...

Here’s the link to the full article!

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