#thedailymollie | “On being honest...”

On being honest.

“As you grow internally, you start to actualize the truth.”

That means being real and raw with yourself.

And also with others.

This means revealing the ugliest parts.

Facing what you hide.

It means fighting the war between the good and the bad.

Admittance without the guilt.

This means hearing what you’re saying to self.

Speaking your truth.

It means finally being who you are fully.

And not holding back.

Being honest means acceptance.

“As you grow internally, you start to actualize the truth.”

Actualize means to make real.

Most people hide who they really are until they figure out their purpose. What are you hiding that you want to make real?

I encourage you to accept yourself. You only get one shot at this thing called life.

Here’s to living in your truth.

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