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Meet Me at the Alter|ations: Courtney

"Meet Me at the Alter|ations" will be a series dedicated to bridal alterations commissions completed by Syreeta C. It will range from standard alterations to creative edits for bridal clients' special day!

First up, we have Courtney!

She originally purchased her ceremony gown from Elite Secrets Bridal and I was tasked with taking it in about 2 dress sizes for a better fit. Because it was a full skirt, most of the work happened in the bodice. The style was embellished with lace & beads and strapless, thus it meant peeling back layers and working around boning.

Alterations always go backward before moving forward and this project begun with the task of lifting lace in order to access the gown seams. Beads almost always fall away as this happens, so they must be caught. (Once alterations are complete, there may be areas that need to be filled back in!)

We were under a bit of short deadline, but able to get Courtney tailored in time for her big day! We also made her custom rose gold reception gown and a purple-yellow printed Ankara jumpsuit (in addition to alterations on the gown of her maid of honor). Her trust was tremendous and I hope that I was able to offer as much love and support as she did to me and my business!

Photographer | Ashleigh Bing


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