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“Did you make that?”

It’s a question I receive maybe just as often as “how are you?“ But, unless I’m at an event, the answer is likely “no.” Making all of my own clothing honestly wouldn‘t be the most economical or efficient habit to uphold, especially for the amount of clothing I own. So, my second favorite thing for unique pieces is thrifting.

I’ve been an avid thrifter since my teenage years (before it was “cool,” as the snobs point out 😂) and would estimate over half of my wardrobe are secondhand finds. It takes a certain type of mind to enjoy this type of shopping and I love the hunt— sifting through tons of items, almost all unique in their own right. I’m an adventurous person, by nature, so add on clothes and this is a perfect match. There are times I come away with nothing and times I roll out with big bags. My closet is strained so I now give myself stricter guidelines. Because I have the skills to alter and mend almost anything, I have stopped shopping based on “potential” as much as I used to. There are plenty items that never received the proposed edits 😂. T’is the life. I am reformed, but not cured.

So if you see me in a unique statement piece, you can instead ask “did you make that or thrift it?”


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