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Style Sacrifices You Don’t See

You’ve heard of double stick tape and Spanx… even Beyoncé infamously cutting off one leg of her shapewear to accommodate a thigh high slit.

But what are other compromises that the public doesn’t always see? I’ve seen everything from taping breasts with duct tape (yes, duct tape) to using butt glue to hold dresses down. Those are “security“ hacks but what about something other than size and shape.

*Length enters the conversation*

I often say that ”fabric does not grow back.” Once it’s cut, it’s cute. I often say this in a context where a client still has a choice, however what about when the dress is already done? Like… done done… it’s vintage and has been complete for years.

*Zendaya enters the conversation*

True style icons understand sacrifice. “Make it work!”

And make it work she does… socks and all.

I’m not saying I’d recommend this for everyone but the notion of commitment is there and it goes to show how compromises can pay off. Sometimes you have to make the look work for you.


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