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Prom 2020


Yes, orders are open for prom 2020 — both custom commissions and alterations (standard & creative).

Inquiries have been coming in for a while and some slots are full. There was no official announcement, so this is it!

I will continue to take reservations until I feel full. There will be no formal cut-off date or number, because there are so many projects happening in the studio at once. (I will cap the workload will cap when sanity levels have been maxed for prom, bridal, formal, alterations, etc. for the *season*, not prom specifically!)

Questions prior to booking may be sent to

I’m excited to see the ideas and energy that you all bring! It’s always a pleasure to be a resource for young ladies as they come into their own and express themselves on this special day. Prom, specifically, is one of the most unique client journeys to witness as a designer.

Here are some of my favorite looks from years past:


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