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Keisha's Mini Covid-Wedding

Love always wins.

This we know and its especially been exemplified during the last year as I've watched brides and their loved ones adapt in pandemic times to celebrate joyous unions. Keisha was one of my clients who did just that.

Her process began in 2018 when we originally connected through event planner, Grace Gyemfi of Soiree Couture. She was planning an Autumn 2020 wedding and starting early with an interest in having her entire bridal party custom commissioned, her own look as well as the bridal party. "They won't have what I want in the store." And as we chatted about ideas, I quickly realized just how serious she was.

I won't rattle on too far about those ideas here, as that original vision may still come to life one day and there's no use in giving it away. However, along with many others, the first plan hit revisions as COVID19 set in.

Even after fabric purchases and tons of consultation, we had to redirect when days continued to pass and it became apparent that C19 would not be over by October 2020. Keisha decided to downsize and keep her original date. She was committed. The chosen date held significance for her (birthday!) and, understandably, she did not want to wait.

Every couple has priorities that drive their planning adjustments. I've had some brides reschedule completely, some postpone, and majority have downsized to some degree.

Keisha put her gown(s) on hold and transitioned to a quaint, close-knit backyard ceremony. She sent me an email with her new inspiration and when I saw a jumpsuit my heart was still SO in it. Not only do I love jumpsuits, but it also made so much sense for her. Easy-going, yet not incredibly interested in the expected.

We settled into a design with an asymmetrical off-the-shoulder capelet. The base was a chic straight leg pant. It was a combination of wearable to suit the new location and chic to fit the bride. Sparkle trim entered the conversation and we knew it was a must, but played with the location. Neck edge? Waist? Cape edge?

Once we decided to extend the cape to the ground for drama, it was only right to add the trim at the cape's hem. Not only would that maximize its presence to upgrade the look, but it'd also add the most bling. She had already sourced a jewelry set that included a necklace, which made this placement a great balance for that styling as well.

As we sorted through trim options, we managed to find one that complemented her jewelry perfectly. The circular repetition was a match made in heaven (just like her and her beau)!

This was all set on a deeper ivory garment. She did not want stark white... if only I can admit what her original gown color was going to be. Lol. The ivory and gold tones molded well to accent her complexion and warm tones in the natural, Fall environment.

A crepe back satin was chosen. Its weight was perfect for the jumpsuit. I used the satin side for the cape and the crepe side for the bodice and pant. One of the best things about the look is the wear-again-ability. Even if the trim is removed,* it can be styled again and again in so many ways. This is especially great being as though she was still planning to retain her larger ceremony at this time. If you're going to have 2 ceremonies, wear one look that can get some mileage!

*I will always stress how I prefer stitching over glue whenever possible and this is another great example why I'm so staunch in this opinion.

In the midst of finishing up her own look, Keisha reached back out with a request for me to perform some edits on her daughter and bonus daughter's looks. Her daughter had a tie belt with a gold glitter accent that she wanted swapped for crystal trim. (It was glued glitter so you know I was down to re-imagine that.) And her bonus daughter needed a lace up and overskirt for her jumpsuit.

Additional trim was sourced for the girls along with a bit of grosgrain for the new belt. (Again... glue... so it couldn't be removed.) I also reached into my bag of tricks to find a charmeuse remnant for the bonus daughter's over skirt and panel + ties for her back lace up. I shorted the zipper in her jumpsuit, added a corset back, and then created an asymmetrical flounce waist wrap. It coordinated with Keisha's look beautifully.

As a matter of fact... all of these ladies in ivory vibed together so well. They each showcased their own personality yet still has cohesion. I love when that happens!

And I love love that perseveres. Congratulations to Keisha for walking down the wedding aisle and taking all of these planning adjustments in stride. Many thanks for allowing me to be a part of these beautiful plans!


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